After SqlMembership and Roles Site is Slow


i have adopted the technique of sqlmembership and roles. but after that site is getting very slow. i know there are some side effects of using enable trimming on sitemap items.

but it is really very to understand that what is the reason. what are the performance issues i should keep in mind while applying such settings......

Muhammad Shoaib
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Generally, it'll be fine if you enable membership and role in application. Thus I guess whether it's caused by SQL Server. Do you use a local or remote SQL Server? Is the SQL Server busy? Also, is the retrieved data from database big?


David Qian
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5/5/2009 6:12:01 AM


 is the Aspnet membership running on a sql server a good solution for a site that wants to be very large? Maybe you could point us to some popular larger sites running it? I know myspace seems to be labled a .net site, go seems to have .aspx files being served - any info you can provide would be great. I know there is a lot of other factors that could play into a sql server being slowed down, open datareaders, a ton of open connections, bad queries, incorrect page file set up etc... but on a whole is the aspnet membership made for a big time site?



5/5/2009 6:36:12 AM

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