.net 3.5 Custome Role Provider Redirect on Access Denied

I built a cutome role provider for authentication on my companies new web site and it works. the only issue i am having is when it encounters a resource the user does not have access to it gives a generic "page cannot be displayed" page. i tried adding some custome error pages for http error 401 in the web.config but it hasnt had any luck. something i read leads me to believe the role provider is actually denying access well before asp gets that far to even do the redirect.

i also havent had much luck researching this so if there is a good article or maybe a tip i would appreciate it. my guess is i will have to utilize the global.asax but i have yet to find anything relevante to my issue.


6/13/2008 4:22:27 PM
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not sure but see if this helps : http://www.asp.net/learn/security/tutorial-07-vb.aspx

6/13/2008 6:08:11 PM

Please make sure that the website is configired as a virtual directory in IIS , also ,make sure that the custom error messages is not overried in IIs ,




Anas Ghanem.

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6/14/2008 1:10:26 PM

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