To Rainbow or not to Rainbow

Hi folks. I just started looking into .Net and Rainbow portal. I liked the over all structure and available modules. What I need to decide if to use Rainbow for one of our InterAnet implementation or not. Here are things that I think we need to modify and it would be nice if someone can tell me from their experience if it is worth it.

- We need Announcement/Discussion module but we want to keep it to TOP n and provide a more link. Also provide a scroll bar instead of ever expanding Div/SPAN whatever it is using.
- Event/Chat/Discussion will be updated frequently, and we want to refresh that part of the page on a pre-determined timeout. If there is a way to find out what "part" of the page triggered the refresh and get rest from the cache, we may drop this option. We are hoping to either expose a module level property such as timeout and a module level property such as more (with a pop-up for detail).
- We will need to drive the authentication from AD and I don't think we will be able to modify the AD Schema according to our needs since we have a big organization. Is it possible to find a middle ground? A heck could be creating accounts through DB scripts and grabing the SERVER VARIABLE to get logged in user's id and match with database entry.
- We will also need a report module i.e. some database query returning a recordset and display on the main page.
- Real-estate and performance is the key on our homepage that we are going to build using Rainbow.
Now it is a valid question why are we selecting Rainbow? The answer is simple. It gives us a base and sample code and decrease our development time. From your experience, it is worth it to make major changes in the out-of-the box modules?
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Rainbow offers out of the box many advantages and a lot of modules.
Consider the changes you have to do for implementing your solution.
-The AD schema is pretty extensible: what you need to change?
- There are a lot of third party modules. For discussion have a look at: , it may be it solves your needs out of the box
One more thing: if you do some cool enhancment to rb structure (or new module) and you decide to give it to rb community we ensure later version will be up to date.
Giving it away can be more profitable than not give it... just think about it.

Emmanuele De Andreis
11/26/2003 6:46:36 PM

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