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I have been experimenting around with Mozilla's Firefox browser, here are my questions:

1. has anyone else been looking into this, if so what have you found for compatibility
2. I have found that only 1 of the page layouts render correctly in Firefox, does anyone know why, or if this is being worked on?
Thanks again for your time and knowledge
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1. has anyone else been looking into this, if so what have you found for compatibility 

Some of the html editors don't work that well or at all in FF.
2. I have found that only 1 of the page layouts render correctly in Firefox, does anyone know why, or if this is being worked on?
They are just tables, and should work ok. The RainbowZen layouts work ok. In general, the forms are designed for IE -- they haven't adjusted anything for Mozilla broswers. The .net framework is not browser neutral, and certain attributes are not emitted for all broswers unless you use styles. Certain controls are converted to different types of html elements depending on browser.

1/18/2005 7:34:05 PM
I have a big problem with firefox, too.

the menu isn't displayed with firefox.
I'm using the verison 5 of the rainbow portal
i have made no changes to the web.config file besides the server settings. However there is no menu shown with firefox. IE shows it without any problems.
1/25/2005 5:43:08 PM
Thanks gr5gor for confirming my problems (and making me think that I am not crazy). I have tried the "out of the box" themes and page layouts and I am still experiencing issues with Firefox, anyone else out there seeing this issue?
1/26/2005 1:34:31 PM
Try to see this :
ASP.NET don't send the Styles for firefox. Can this be your problem ?
1/26/2005 2:38:49 PM
thanks rmvenancio, I took a look into this and edited my web.config file, that did seem to do the trick, I do have 1 more question if anyone knows the answer:

It seems as though Zen doesn't support Firefox, when I browse the webpage it only shows me my last tab, and under that only 1 sub tab (even though there are more). I believe I have narrowed this down to the theme.xml file and the line that references:
I know in the Rainbow documentation it states that Zen isn't as compatible as the classic themes, my question is why might this be happening, is it becuase Zen is using IE7, or some other reason, also is there a work around for it? I personally really like the idea of using the zen theme, but if I can't make it work with Opera & Firefox then I may have to look at either another theme, or another cms.
1/26/2005 5:52:09 PM
RainbowZen is a nice set of classes. Use the zen layout and themes together, mixing modes may not work that well unless you go in and tweak them. Firefox is like its native home, it is best supported here since it relies on more advanced css. IMO the only serious issue with the zen css+div menu is a bug with IE and the IE7 javascript (sometimes crashed the broswer on dropdowns, they are working on it). Zen is not as compatible since older browsers don't use css properly. It should work ok on all the latest browser versions.

You can get pretty good help here:
More info on the bugs and status of IE7:
Here is an example of Rainbow, using wilson master pages for themes (a completely different system), and also uses the zen menu and layouts:
Here is another demo that uses the zen menu (modified) class for css+div menus:
1/28/2005 8:45:27 AM

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