Using a multiselect listbox to populate a datagrid


I'm pretty new to and am trying to develop a website for a school project.

 I am using a dataset (xsd file) and have a query that populates a listbox with multiselect enabled.

When I click an item, it shows my datagrid correctly, but i cant get it to work with the multiselect.

I tried doing something like the below code to get it to 'filter' using multiple selections.  I also set the Onfiltering tag for the datasource, but alas i get this error when selecting 2 fields "Cannot perform '=' operation on System.Int32 and System.String."



1        Protected Sub QuestionDataSource_Filtering(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ObjectDataSourceFilteringEventArgs)
2            Dim exp As String = String.Empty
3            For Each item As ListItem In ddlTopic.Items
4                If item.Selected Then
5                    If exp <> String.Empty Then
6                        exp += " , "
7                    End If
8                    exp += CStr(item.Value)
9                End If
10           Next
12           exp = "TopicID IN ('" + exp + "')"
13           e.ParameterValues.Clear()
14           e.ParameterValues.Add("TopicID", exp)
16           If exp <> String.Empty Then
17               QuestionDataSource.FilterExpression = exp
19           End If
20       End Sub
 Here is my query for my table adapter :
 SELECT     Questions.QuestionsID, LTRIM(RTRIM(Questions.UserID)) AS UserID, Questions.Description, Questions.Number, LTRIM(RTRIM(Questions.FileName)) 
AS FileName, Questions.Complexity, LTRIM(RTRIM(Questions.FilePath)) AS FilePath, Questions.Answer, Questions.QuestionDate,
LTRIM(RTRIM(Contributor.LastName)) + ', ' + LTRIM(RTRIM(Contributor.FirstName)) AS Author, 'mailto:' + LTRIM(RTRIM(Contributor.Email)) AS Email,
Contributor ON Questions.UserID = Contributor.UserID INNER JOIN
TopicQuestions ON Questions.QuestionsID = TopicQuestions.QuestionsID
WHERE TopicQuestions.TopicID = @TopicID
Any help would be great.  Thanks 
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 Yes when u are using the In operator IN for the query..

ur string has to look like  this IN('1','2','3') wher as ur string xurrently may look lik this IN( 1,2,3)

this is jus a suggestiong can u try this


 If exp &lt;&gt; String.Empty Then
6 exp = "'" exp "'" + " , "
7 End If


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