Updating multiple tables in database using one Gridview control

I have a SQL datasource which performs a join on multiple tables which is displayed through a gridview. I would like to be able to edit the columns but can't figure out how to do an update on multiple tables at once. 

        SelectCommand="SELECT aspnet_Users.UserName, aspnet_Membership.Email, aspnet_Roles.RoleName, aspnet_Membership.IsApproved FROM aspnet_Membership INNER JOIN aspnet_Users ON aspnet_Membership.UserId = aspnet_Users.UserId INNER JOIN aspnet_UsersInRoles ON aspnet_Membership.UserId = aspnet_UsersInRoles.UserId INNER JOIN aspnet_Roles ON aspnet_UsersInRoles.RoleId = aspnet_Roles.RoleId">
5/29/2007 2:37:16 PM
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Your best bet would be to write a stored procedure for updating the tables, and have the UPDATECOMMAND of your gridview call that proc... 

Andrew S. Erwin
Software Developer
ReflectSystems, Inc.

5/29/2007 3:29:31 PM
I'm relatively new to stored procs mixed with grid views; How would I fix the error "procedure contains too many arguments"? Do I have to explicitly return the values?
5/29/2007 6:08:35 PM

I'm relatively new to stored procs mixed with grid views;

Please have below walkthrough on Displaying Data Using a Stored Procedure in the GridView Web Server Control :


How would I fix the error "procedure contains too many arguments"? Do I have to explicitly return the values?

This usually means what it says, that your update, delete or insert command is trying to pass more parameters than the stored procedure is set up to handle. This can happen because each datakeyname specified in the gridview control is automatically being sent to the stored procedure. So if you try to also define extra parameters, you will be passing too many. Also, using the refresh parameters button within the datasource wizard will create a parameter for a return value even if your stored procedure does not define one, so if your stored procedure does not have a return value you should remove this parameter.

Here is an article on how to troubleshoot 'Procedure or function has too many arguments specified' in asp.net 2.0:


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Young Fang
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6/4/2007 6:43:20 AM
Thanks for the reply and article links. Very helpful!
6/4/2007 1:19:26 PM

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