Updateing a Datagridview

I have an application where I am presenting data to the user with a DataGridView that has as its datasource a SqlDataSource. The data is presented fine and the user is able to edit the fields that they are allowed to just fine. The problem arises though when they click on a button to do an update on the database. The button creates a SqlCommand and this command goes out and modifies all record that meet a certain criteria. The records that are modified should no longer appear on the gridview, however the data in the SqlDataSource appears to not change, even though the page is reloading.

 I know I am missing somthing simple here, some step to force an update on the SqlDataSource. Can anyone point me in the direction I should be looking ?



12/4/2006 5:32:27 PM
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Well I was right... it was somthing simple that I was overlooking. I was calling databind on the sqldatasource and not the gridview. Once I changed that the rows dropped off just fine.
12/4/2006 6:06:04 PM

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