Setting the Parameter Value to the Property Value of a Web Control

I want to filter my DetailsView with a declarative parameter. In my case, I am setting the SqlDataSource's parameter values based on the value of 2 TextBox controls on the page.

I have a SP that does a SELECT based on 1 of the parameters passed in (either an ID or phone number).

Param Name          Value
MemberID          TextBox1.Text
Phone               TextBox2.Text

I want to assign a default value of 'null' for both. BUT null doesn't work for MemberID because it's of type int. I got the error:


Error converting data type nvarchar to int. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Error converting data type nvarchar to int.



Is there a way to set the default value of MemberID to null? In my SP, I have both input parameters initialized to null, but it seems like I have to do it on the page too in order for it to work.

Please advise!

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Can anyone help??


11/27/2008 1:17:04 AM

Hi sas0riza,

You can set ConvertEmptyStringToNull="true" or set DefaultValue in SelectParameters.


Qin Dian Tang
Microsoft Online Community Support

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12/1/2008 3:22:23 AM

I did try that for one of the textboxes, but because it's a parameter for an ID field, I got an error about can't convert nchar to int...

12/1/2008 2:24:58 PM

Hi sas0riza,

Usually ID field is some kind of primary key or identity of an object, so I strongly suggest you to use Validator control or any code checking not to make it null. You can check it in Searching Button Click event to see if it is null or not. If it is null, not searching. Or you can set a number to DefaultValue in parameter.


Qin Dian Tang
Microsoft Online Community Support

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12/2/2008 2:38:39 AM

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