Selecting a Value in a Drop Down List Based on the Value of a Textbox

I have a formview control (.NET 2.0/VS2005) in which users enter company contact information.  When a user enters a postal code in the appropriate text box, the territory for that company needs to be calculated and displayed in a territory drop down list.

I know how to calculate and retrieve the territory from my SQL Server database, but I can't seem to nail down how to trigger the code and don't want the user to have to click a button.

I tried using the OnTextChanged event, but that doesn't seem to be what I want because I need this calculation to be performed prior to saving the record.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!


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Ok, so I've been doing some research and determined that since I'm using 2.0, a client callback should work.

That's about all I've figured out.

I've been trying to piece something together from various tutorials, examples etc. from all over the web, but I'm not having much luck.  This is mostly because I don't know much about javascript.  

I'm desperately trying to learn, and trust me I've been googling furiously and reading everything I can get my hands on (I've always thought that people who don't try to help themselves first really don't deserve the help of others) but I just don't know where to go from here.    

This is what I have (mostly taken from

Dim _callBackResult As String

In Page_Load:

Dim callBack As String = Page.ClientScript.GetCallbackEventReference(Me, "arg", "ClientCallback", "context", "ClientCallbackError", False)
             Dim clientFunction As String = "function GetChildren(arg, context){ " & callBack & "; }"
             Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Me.GetType(), "GetChildren", clientFunction, True)

             If Page.IsPostBack AndAlso Not Page.IsCallback Then
                 Dim territory As DropDownList
                 territory = CType(Me.DetailGrid.FindControl("ddlterritory"), DropDownList)
                 If _callBackResult <> "" Then
                     territory.SelectedValue = _callBackResult
                     end if
                 End If

Public Function GetCallbackResult() As String Implements System.Web.UI.ICallbackEventHandler.GetCallbackResult
             Return _callBackResult
         End Function

         Public Sub RaiseCallbackEvent(ByVal eventArgument As String) Implements System.Web.UI.ICallbackEventHandler.RaiseCallbackEvent

             'Here I get the territoryID for the Company and store it in a variable of the same name
             _callBackResult = territoryID
         End Sub

In <script> portion of my contentplaceholder:

function ClientCallback(result, context){

      'Not really sure what goes here, obviously that is a BIG problem!


   function ClientCallbackError(result, context){

Can anyone explain to me what I need to do to achieve the results I need??  Please help!

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I tried using the OnTextChanged event, but that doesn't seem to be what I want because I need this calculation to be performed prior to saving the record.

You are right in using the OnTextChanged event. TextChangedEvent will be fired when there was a change in the text and the focus was lost from the textbox. I am sure, you have only the code to get the territory in the ontextchanged event and not code for saving. Set the autopost back property of the textbox to true.

If you have a button set as default button, then when the user key in ENTER, on the textbox, the button click event will be fired. So, set the UseSubmitBehavior to false.


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