Remove time from Date field

Hi, I have a datagrid that displays results from a stored procedure. It contains a date column that displays the entered date of the record. This is not a time stamp field and the value stored in the database is just the date. When I run the procedure and fill the datagrid, the column values look like this.

2005-04-06 00:00:00

Does anyone know how to prevent that? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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You can use variouos formatting options to present the date in format
you want. Can you post your grid declaration here and i'll give you an
example of that. (if you are using Autogenerated columns then you'll
have to write some code to do the formatting, otherwise it is just a
formatting specified in your html page)


Bug [MCSD]
4/13/2005 8:36:46 AM

If your project is SQLserver-based,you can modify some statement in your store procedure.For examle:

select id,YourName,YourDate from tblYourTable.


select id ,YourName,(cast(DATEPART(year,YourDate ) as varchar(4))+'-'+cast(DATEPART(month,YourDate ) as varchar(2))+'-'+cast(DATEPART(day,YourDate ) as varchar(2)) as newDate from tblYourTable

if you merely want to display the datetime in the format that you want,that is enough.

4/13/2005 10:02:35 AM


if you are using sql server databse.

this will works for you


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4/13/2005 1:48:48 PM
If you want to manipulate it in your code, try:


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The project is SQL server based. The results are returned to a datagrid via a stored procedure. Here is my code behind.

Dim workparam3 As New SqlParameter("@StartDate", System.Data.SqlDbType.DateTime)
        workparam3.Direction = ParameterDirection.Input
        workparam3.Value = (Calendar1.SelectedDate)

        Dim workparam4 As New SqlParameter("@EndDate", System.Data.SqlDbType.DateTime)
        workparam4.Direction = ParameterDirection.Input
        workparam4.Value = (Calendar2.SelectedDate)

        Dim workparam5 As New SqlParameter("@UserID", System.Data.SqlDbType.VarChar)
        workparam5.Direction = ParameterDirection.Input
        workparam5.Value = (User.Identity.Name)

        Dim ds As DataSet

        Dim daRGU As New SqlDataAdapter
        daRGU.SelectCommand = New SqlCommand
        daRGU.SelectCommand.Connection = SqlConnection1
        daRGU.SelectCommand.CommandText = "AgentRGUTotal"
        daRGU.SelectCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure

        ds = New DataSet
        Catch ex As Exception
            dgRGU.DataSource = ds
        End Try

Since I'm just passing parameters to a stored proc, I don't think I can change the format here. I think I have to do it in the proc but I'm not sure. Here is the procedure.

CREATE PROCEDURE [ServiceTypeTotals]

@StartDate [DateTime],
@EndDate [DateTime],
@UserId [VarChar] (50)


Select Account, EnterDate,
Sum(BasicIns) As "Basic", Sum(ExpBasIns) As "Expanded Basic", Sum(BasDigIns) As "Basic Digital", Sum(BigIns) As "Big",
Sum(BiggerIns) As "Bigger", Sum(BiggestIns) As "Biggest", Sum([384Ins]) As "384Kbps", Sum([3MbIns]) As "3Mbps", Sum(NetIns) As "Home Networking",
Sum(FSecIns) As "F Secure", Sum(WMIns) As "Wire Maintenance", Sum(EFTSIns) As "EFTS", Sum(HDCombIns) As "HD/DVR Combo", Sum(HDIns) As "High Definition",
Sum(HDTierIns) As "High Def Tier", Sum(DVRIns) As "DVR", Sum(SVODIns) As "SVOD", Sum(FamIns) As "Family Tier", Sum(BigMIns) As "Big Movie Tier",
Sum(LatIns) As "Latino Tier", Sum(SpoIns) As "Sports Tier", Sum(HBOIns) As "HBO", Sum(StarzIns) As "Starz", Sum(SelfIn) As "Self Install",

Sum(BasUp) As "Basic Up", Sum(ExpBasUp) As "Expanded Basic Up", Sum(BasDigUp) As "Basic Digital Up", Sum(BigUp) As "Big Up",
Sum(BiggerUp) As "Bigger Up", Sum(BiggestUp) As "Biggest Up", Sum([384Up]) As "384Kbps Up", Sum([3MbUp]) As "3Mbps Up", Sum(NetUp) As "Home Networking Up",
Sum(FSecUp) As "F Secure Up", Sum(WMUp) As "Wire Maintenance Up", Sum(EFTSUp) As "EFTS Up", Sum(HDCombUp) As "HD/DVR Combo Up", Sum(HDUp) As "High Definition Up",
Sum(HDTierUp) As "High Def Tier Up", Sum(DVRUp) As "DVR Up", Sum(SVODUp) As "SVOD Up", Sum(FamUp) As "Family Tier Up", Sum(BigMUp) As "Big Movie Tier Up",
Sum(LatUp) As "Latino Tier Up", Sum(SpoUp) As "Sports Tier Up", Sum(HBOUp) As "HBO Up", Sum(StarzUp) As "Starz Up", Sum(SelfUp) As "Self Install Up"

From bss_SalesTracker

Where (EnterDate Between @StartDate AND @EndDate) AND UserId = @UserId

Group By EnterDate, Account

Thanks for the help everyone!!! Big Smile [:D]


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If you want to store only Date(not the time) in the SQL server Database you cannot do by choosing DateTime or SmallDateTime Datatypes as they take default time if are not supplying the time.

So if u do like the above thing i.e only date , declare the datatype as varchar and cast the date to string and store.


Junior Programmer,
4/14/2005 4:28:53 PM

Will I still be able to query based on date parameters set from a calendar component? And do I change the format in SQL or the asp form? Thanks!

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4/14/2005 4:47:04 PM
Your issues are all related to formatting the date which clearly is a
presentation layer related one. So i'd suggest you to format the date
only at display time and leave the sql intact. This way you will not
run into extra trouble if later you'll decide to perform some date
manipulations in your business layer. If you want to use the value
extracted from the page to perform the database query in addition to
showing the date, i'd suggest you create a couple of function - one
that formats the date variable to be shown on a page and another - to
do the reverse - convert the stirng into string. This way you would
keep all the logic together and would greatly improve the code
maintanance etc


Bug [MCSD]
4/14/2005 5:19:42 PM

As bug pointed out ( and he is seldom, almost never wrong Smile [:)]), just modify the date at presentation level, with the date being displayed as a short date or any other format.



4/14/2005 8:48:26 PM
Thanks  for the comment, feels good to hear things like that :D
Bug [MCSD]
4/15/2005 8:38:46 AM
Awesome! Thanks for the help guys. I'll check out the link Big Smile [:D]
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4/16/2005 4:28:41 AM

I have used this in my, c# source code for initializing the SqlDataSource of my DataGrid. It works fine for me :)

select (cast(DATEPART(year,YourDate ) as varchar(4))+'-'+cast(DATEPART(month,YourDate ) as varchar(2))+'-'+cast(DATEPART(day,YourDate ) as varchar(2)) as newDate from tblYourTable


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