Populate dropdown list based on selected value in another dropdown list

I have a datagrid (grdCar) that contains two dropdown listboxes (ddlCarManf and ddlCar). When the user clicks the "Edit" link and places the grid into edit mode, they select a value in ddlCarManf. Based on the selected value in ddlCarManf, I need to then populate ddlCar with a list of cars for which the selected manufacturer makes (I'm using ddlCarManf.SelectedValue to query the database).

 I bind my datagrid in the page_load event as:

If Not Page.IsPostBack Then



End If

Here is my control (ddlCarManf) as is appears within grdCar in my .aspx page:


<asp:dropdownlist id="ddlCarManf" AutoPostBack=true OnSelectedIndexChanged="PopulateCar" Runat="Server" Width="50px" />



My thought is to populate ddlCar in the PopluateCar sub-procedure, but when the selected index changes and PopulateCar is called, I can't seem to find either control (ddlCar or ddlCarManf) from within the PopulateCar sub-procedure. I know I can find controls from within a datagrid event, but this is not the case in this example.

Would anybody be able to help me understand how to populate a dropdown listbox, based on the selected value from another dropdown listbox, both of which are located within a datagrid? I may attacking this in the wrong way and I'm open for any suggestions.



5/20/2007 7:09:56 PM
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Hi, klowery:
You can get the ddlCarManf in the PopulateCar function by
DropDownList dp = (DropDownList)sender;

There are two ways to get another DropDownList control
DataGridItem editItem = dg.Items[dg.EditItemIndex]; 
DropDownList dp2 = (DropDownList)item.FindControl("ddlCar");OrTableCell cell = (TableCell)dp.Parent; 
DataGridItem item = (DataGridItem)cell.Parent;
DropDownList dp2 = (DropDownList) item.FindControl("ddlCar ");

Next,get datasource according to dp.SelectedValue

cnn = new SqlConnection(); cnn.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["st"].ConnectionString; cnn.Open(); 
SqlCommand cmm = new SqlCommand();
cmm.Connection = cnn;
cmm.CommandText = "select car from catTable where man='" + dp.SelectedValue + "'";
SqlDataReader reader = cmm.ExecuteReader();
dp2.DataSource = reader;

This is just an example, you can change the code according to your project.
Hope it helps.


Techie Zhang
Microsoft Online Community Support
5/21/2007 3:37:17 AM

Thanks for your response!

 I apologize for not repsonding to your post sooner, but I have been put on another project and I have not had any time to fix this issue. I hope to get to it this weekend :)

I will let you know what I discover.



5/30/2007 12:12:00 AM

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