Merge two database tables to a third table

I have two tables for an employee database.  I am creating a schedule for a particular days work.  So table 1 is the entire list of employees, and table 2 is an exception table of vacations, sick time off, etc...

I want to be able to create a report for a particular day, merging these two tables, and either removing that person who is on vacation from the report, or making an indication in a datagrid. Once this is viewed, I want the entire datagrid contents dumped to another table for history.
1) Can/Should the initial merge be done with SQL statement, if so how?
2) I have tried doing this cycling through a datareader and stuffing the valid employees into a new datatable, but unfortunately, this is beyond my knowledge so far. And it seems to be incredibly inneffecient.
Any suggestions?
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I think doing a SQL is better. As you know the syntax is different for each database, if you can post your database name and the table structure I can help with the SQL. Oracle has MINUS and for SQL server you can do with left outer join.
7/23/2004 6:48:30 PM

This is for .Net 1.1,  2.0 is one line of code :) But here it is for us stuck in 1.1 Land!



private DataTable configueBindableDataTable()


         DataTable dtLocal = this.CheckForOpenPatientAdminQI();

         DataTable dtLocal2 = this.CheckForOpenOutPatientAdminQI();

         DataRow dr;

         foreach(DataRow dr1 in dtLocal2.Rows)


               dr = dtLocal.NewRow();

               for(int i = 0;dr1.ItemArray.Length > i;i++)


                           dr[i] = dr1.ItemArray[i];




      return dtLocal;


2/24/2006 7:04:17 PM

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