Label control's text doesn't appear to be set (in the page which has a user control )when trying to update the text property in the FormView's ItemUpdated event

Hi There,
I have a user control which hosts a formview control, gridview control and a label control. The grid view is used
to show rows in the DB and when clicked to edit each row, a form view opens up in edit mode with that particular row info.
So I have nothing in the item template.
My first question it mandatory to have smth in the itemtemplate of the form view.
I have controls in edititemtemplate and insertitemtemplate.
When a particular row is edited, I would like to show a status msg showing that the row has been updated.
For this, I use the ItemUpdated event of the formview and try to set the text property of the label with the success
status. For some reason, the text doesn't seem to be set. If I see the source code,
I see the label control but it doen't have the text property set. I debugged the code and the event does fire and the
event handler is called. I have the visible property of the label set to true.
I am new to 2.0...Can somebody plzz help me?


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