Inserting a new record from DetailsView using a stored procedure

I am using an <asp:DetailsView ...> on my <asp:Content ...> page.
I have the AutoGenerateInsertButton="True".

The DataSourceID for the DetailsView is a SQLDataSource.
My Insert command uses a stored procedure that takes the fields a input parameters:
   InsertCommand="AddMovie" InsertCommandType="StoredProcedure"
I am using a stored procedure to do add a record to my table.
My question is: After I click on the "New" button and add data to the DetailsView, how do the values entered get to my stored procedure? What am I missing here?


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Ops, my stored procedure was looking for "isdn" and my data table had a column called "isbn".
Looks like the data binding worked as expected. It has been a great learning experience though!

(@isbn nvarchar(10), @title varchar(80), @rating varchar(50), @widescreen  varchar(1),
@genre  varchar(80), @plot  varchar(250), @director  varchar(50), @producer  varchar(50))
INSERT INTO dbo.movies

 (@isbn,  @title,  @rating,  @widescreen,  @genre,
 @plot,  @director,  @producer)

5/20/2006 2:59:42 AM

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