How to set all rows in edit mode and how to save all rows again in GRIDVIEW


I.m looking for:

- a solution with vb-code to set all rows in the Gridview (Visual Webdeveloper 2005 professional) in edit-mode.
- After Editing a value and leaving this cell by the TAB-button automaticly go to the next cell (next row)
- After changing the values save them with one click...

Can someone help me out here. Searched a lot but cannot find a good solution.

Thanks in advance for responding


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 I think it's possible, but I don't recommend such an UI. It's not a good practice to have more than one rows in edit mode. The best practices suggest using inline editing and saving the results with AJAX requests. You can configure saving the current field/row with AJAX call when the user presses TAB. It's also possible to move the focus to the next filed/row when the user presses TAB.
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This "inline editing"  and saving with AJAX requests...... Do you know where to find examples?

Thanks for writing!



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Have a look at these two links about setting all rows in edit mode and update them all:


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