how to put column values as column headers in datagrid


I am trying to develop a report. Basically we have two tables named A and B.
In Table A we have columns
In Table B we have columns
I have written a join select statement to get the DelivDesc, StartDate, Enddate
so the result would be like
DelivDesc StartDate EndDate
Tiering1 8/31/2004 9/20/2004
Tiering2 8/31/2004 9/20/2004
Tiering3 8/31/2004 9/20/2004
Tiering4 8/31/2004 9/20/2004
I need my datagrid look like this
Tiering1 Tiering 2 Tiering 3 Tiering 4
Completed Completed Completed Completed

I need to put the column values as column labels and I need to check whether the completed date is less than the current date. if so i need to place "Completed" in that column.
Can you please let me know how to do this? Do I need to change my Select Statement or can i access multiple rows inside my datagrid?
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