How to display the more than one row with items and buttons in gridview control. when i select three items at same time from categories(Fruits, Apples, Gifts). The selected items are displayed in g


when i select three items at same time from categories(Fruits, Apples, Gifts). The selected items are displayed in

gridview.Here i would like to change this way "when i click more than one category at same time. it should be display selected item and button."

For example: if i have to select Fruits, Apples from categories.  it should be display like 1st "row have Fruits and In 2nd row have Apples and button" in gridview.the button have some event.

How can i do it? Please can anyone answer me.

With kind request


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your query is very raw..can u details it out...

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your question is not clear, please clarify.

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Hi soona,

Selecting categories seems to generate the data source of GridView, you can try to use any DataSource control such as SqlDataSource or ObjectDataSource to bind GridView. The buttons in GridView I guess are some buttons like Edit or Delete button. Here is a GridView tutorial with some DataSource control:

For more detail suggestion, please give us more detail description.


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