How to change the dropdownlist's value from database on selection of 1 st dropdownlist

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I have 2 dropdownlist. 1 for country and 1 for state. When i will select any coutary according to that all state related to that countary shoud change in dropdownlist. I have to fatch both dropdownlist's value from sqlserver database.

And i also don't know how to make relationship to get all value in aspx page. so please also tell me what should i made in database means primary foreign key concept.

I will be very thankful if you can send me code for that. 


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There will be 2 tables in the database, Country with country_id as primary key. Another table State with state_id as primary key and country_id as foreign key. Then on the load event, fill the first dropdown list with post back check. Also set the Autopostback property of the first dropdownlist to True. On the SelectedIdnexChanged event of the first dropdownlist get the selected value of the first dropdownlist and fill the second one using this value.

 Hope this will help.


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