How can I keep the same format for data coming from database.

I am using VWD Express edition.

After searching a database I am displaying the result
in a DetailView form. I am having problem with the text
format. The information coming from the database does not
keep the same format as the one typed on the user interface.
I know why and I have been working on this for a while now, but
can not solve the problem yet.

When I right click the upper right corner icon of the DetailView
in the Design mode page, and then click edit field, a window comes up.
In this window I click the selected field and on the right, the bound field
property window comes up. We can find the following here: Under behavior, we can find, HtmlEncode and HtmlEncodeFormatString. And under Data, we can
find DataFormatString.

I would like to know if by entering any information here I
can keep the same format of the text entered to the database
for display in the DetailView and how is this done.


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The information coming from the database does not keep the same format as the one typed on the user interface.

You mean like when someone uses the Enter key to put spaces between paragraphs or sentences?  If this is the case you will have to convert the Enter key characters to <br/> tags at some point.  You might also look into using a WYSIWYG editor for your text (it will allow users to enter in HTML) in the user interface.

The Enter key characters in VB.NET are defined as with the vbCrLf constant so just do a Replace on that.

- William

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Give some of my PWSK modules a try.
5/4/2009 11:37:02 PM

I did everything that you said long ago and is not working. This is an example of what I did, do you see any problem?

Dim CommentTextBoxToFixFormat As String = DirectCast(FormViewDataEntry.Row.FindControl("CommentTextBox"), TextBox).Text.ToString

CommentTextBoxToFixFormat = CommentTextBoxToFixFormat.Replace("\n", " &lt; br /&gt; ")

DirectCast(FormViewDataEntry.Row.FindControl("CommentTextBox"), TextBox).Text = CommentTextBoxToFixFormat

But when I use the following code:  

CommentTextBoxToFixFormat = CommentTextBoxToFixFormat.Replace("a", "b")

in order to change all "a" for all "b" to see if the code works, it does work, but not with \n an br />, what is the problem?



5/5/2009 12:24:59 AM

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