How can I display multiple rows w/8 columns (4 columns editable on each row)?


Please - Can anyone suggest the best way to display a joined dataset with 4 read-only columns, 4 editable columns and a checkbox column?
The content for this display currently has < 100 rows - but could approach 1000 in the future.
I currently have this setup with a Datagrid (working) - but I would like to be able to edit the 4 columns of ALL rows in the displayed list instead of one row at a time as the Datagrid allows.
After editing, I use an update function to traverse the modified list/table and save all values that have the Checkbox clicked.
Could a list with 1000 ((4-column editable rows) AND (4 readonly rows)) OR (8 editable rows) be done as a Repeater or Datalist or Custom something?
Perhaps - Can editable Textbox's be added to a Datagrid so some columns of every row be editable 'before' clicking edit?
Thank you for your advice/help!
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To provide editable Textbox's in all rows of a column, define the column as a Template column and put a TextBox in the regular Item template for the column.

Re: your 1000 row scenario. That's a lot to display all at once in the browser. You might want to try to decide if a pagable scenario could work when you have to deal with that number.

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3/7/2004 2:34:36 AM
Thanks Jim, I'll give it a try - 

I didn't think of textbox's until I started typing this post... I wasn't sure if the system could handle so many editable boxes.
Right now I only have 70 records - yes I will probably add some method of paging when the count increases.
3/7/2004 4:28:09 PM

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