Forms or No Forms

Hope this isn't a repeat.  I looked and didn't find anything.

Say for example you had a web page with around 20 fields retrive and update to a database with differing datatypes.  Some fields will have some special controls (dropdowns, radios, buttons, etc) that interact with other parts of the page.  What is the best and/or most efficient code to make the page.

Would you use a Formview bound to a standard SQL connection and edit the templates.

Use a Formview bound to an Object Data Source and edit within the templates.

Or use an Object Data Source and bind the results strait to controls on the page, without a Formview.

They all seem to have their pros and cons, but in general what should you choose.  I am proficient in either/all and they all seem to be about the same amount of work in the end.  Any suggestions or information.

Thank you.

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In FormView you can convert the field to template and databind it to special controls (dropdowns, radios, buttons, etc) .

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