Extending GridView ( replacing the default behaviour )


I have trouble extending the GridView class to suit my rather specific needs.

My main trouble (besides multiple smaller ones) is that I want to be able to collapse multiple rows inside the table.

Short background:
I have a GridView that has the added functionality of grouping data per column ( Basically sorting the data and adding a header/footer around groups with the same value in that column ), it looks like this:

It works fine and I can collapse entire groups of data, but the problem is that all this is done after the GridView has retrieved its data from the DataSource. All the group headers and collapsing is done after the table of the GridView has been created. Its all "post processing".

This leads to some problems:
- I need to retrieve variable amounts of rows as soon as any group is collapsed ( if a group spanning all of the table is collapsed, the table is suddenly empty, except for the single group header ), to avoid situations like this:

- To know how many extra rows to get for the above problem, I need to know the amount of rows in every group, even if the group starts or ends outside the view of the table.

- I need to intercept the table creation in GridView before it is run and replace or change how it works, but the implementation of GridView hides its data and implementation pretty well, and getting as far as I have has so far already resulted in some ugly code.

So what I really want to do is to start with the exelent control GridView, and more or less replace the rendering of the rows with my own version... This part of the GridView is well hidden and I have problems finding a way to override the standard behaviors Crying [:'(]

I was helped a lot by the simpler tutorials on GridView extending, but I have found no examples of bigger extensions.

Has anyone else extended the GridView in any way that is more complex than changing the color of a row or adding a details row to the table?

There IS a monkey!
11/9/2005 2:35:31 PM
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Well, I have, but since I wrote the GridView control, I might not count. :)

If you're looking to change the way the outer table is rendered, I'm afraid your only option is to override the big CreateChildControls method.  The reason that what you're describing is difficult is that CreateChildControls receives an IEnumerable.  Keep in mind that you might get a DbDataReader, which implements IEnumerable but is a forward-only, read-only cursor.  That means that once you've looked at a data record and gone to the next record, you can't go back.  This is especially difficult when you're implementing grouping, as you are.  Also, keep in mind that the GridView only receives data- it doesn't get much control over what or how much data is requested (besides via the DataSourceSelectArguments).

You can implement the scenario you describe above, but the limitations with IEnumerable and record selection mean that you're going to have to be creative with the existing interfaces or require that your data source implement additional interfaces.  For instance, we require that the data source implements ICollection for paging to work.  If you do something similar, you will have an easier time figuring out your group rows before you create the table.  If you want to control just how or if rows are created, you can easily override CreateRow().  However, without overriding CreateChildControls(), you can't change the format of a row based on data for different data items.

Now, to your specific questions. 
I need to retrieve variable amounts of rows as soon as any group is collapsed ( if a group spanning all of the table is collapsed, the table is suddenly empty, except for the single group header ), to avoid situations like this:
Are you using server-side paging?  If so, then you can just change the parameters by overriding CreateDataSourceSelectArguments and changing the MaximumRows and StartRowIndex members.  If you're not using server-side paging, you should have all the rows of data already present and you can just render more of them.

To know how many extra rows to get for the above problem, I need to know the amount of rows in every group, even if the group starts or ends outside the view of the table.
For this, you will probably have to require an additional interface that you can use to figure out how many records are in each group, or as you read through the data, you'll have to save it off so you can read through it again to render it.  You may end up having to request all the remaining data if you can't get a group row count through an additional interface.

I need to intercept the table creation in GridView before it is run and replace or change how it works, but the implementation of GridView hides its data and implementation pretty well, and getting as far as I have has so far already resulted in some ugly code.
Yes, CreateChildControls is the method you want to override.  It creates the outer table and then enumerates through each data item and calls CreateRow to create each row in the table.

Hope this helps...

Polita Paulus

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11/11/2005 12:25:06 AM
Hi, and thanx for your very complete answer.
Nice to know who the author of  GridView is, now I can personalize my cries of frustration here at the office Wink [;)]

Anyways: Based on repeated failures, some actual thinking every now and then and your reply, I think I found an acceptable solution to my problem:
As GridView is very good at displaying the data it gets, I decided to give it wat it wants instead of trying to make it do complex intelligence work.
As we will be using a rather specialized object as a data source, I will simply give it the data it needs to generate the exact rows to be displayed in the GridView... Now I can do all I need by only intercepting row creation with "CreateRow" and ask the data if it is header-data or footer-data or just regular data. Not having to add and/or remove lined in the table simplifies things a great deal.

By moving the responsibility to the data source, I suddenly have total control over the code instead of having to create my own versions of your exelent code Smile [:)]

Big thanx for the insights into the dark heart of the GridView.

There IS a monkey!
11/14/2005 8:51:27 AM

If you have control over your data source, that is a much simpler way to go.  If you need to use a generic data source, obviously you're back to square one.  Glad this solution will work for you!

Polita Paulus

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
11/14/2005 8:26:17 PM

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