Edit data using a VIEW table from a SQL database

Hi All,


How can I set the update command of a data grid when in edit mode if the table being populated is a VIEW table from a SQL database? As I am populating the grid using a VIEW table I seem to being a error in the update command where i have highlightd RED:


Dim row As OwnerSet.OwnerVIEW1Row

row = OwnerSet1.OwnerVIEW1.FindByRef(key)  


I think this is because I have no primary key for the table so the FINDBY method does not work.


I’ve tried to set the DataGrid1 to:


DataGrid1.DataKeyField = “Ref”


but this still does work!


Is there a way for me to work around this?




8/15/2006 12:23:02 PM
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