edit and update a gridview control

Here's my question:

The gridview shows all the items the student has already learned.  

Can the gridview be updated to add new data?  

For instance, the user wants to add another piece of item to learn and give a brief reason?  I will add the dropdownlist and textbox control to the gridview (in edit mode, I assume)The dropdownlist will be bound to a datasource.  Once the user has made a selection and typed a reason in the textbox, they will update the gridview to show what they have done.  AFter they see that, they click a button which will launch a new page with the gridview so that an approver can approver can "ok"  or "deny" the request.

I don't know how to edit or update the gridview.  Can someone tell me how this is done or if this makes sense to do this way?

Thanks in advance
4/22/2009 2:23:02 PM
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I don't know how to edit or update the gridview


This may help you to get started:

GridView Insert, Edit, Update and Delete – The Ado.Net way


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4/22/2009 3:17:10 PM

I have come across your post at least 3 different times just worded different.  Duplicate posts are frowned upon. 

I believe I have answered your question here.


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4/22/2009 3:40:42 PM


The first post took almost 24 hours to get approved and since I didn't see it this morning, I wasn't sure it would be approved so I thought about using different ways to do this.  I wanted my question answered.  I'm a newbie, geez, give me a break....

4/22/2009 4:32:50 PM



The first post took almost 24 hours to get approved and since I didn't see it this morning, I wasn't sure it would be approved so I thought about using different ways to do this.  I wanted my question answered.  I'm a newbie, geez, give me a break....

Sorry for giving you a hard time.  Glad I could help out.  With this forum patients is a virtue...

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4/28/2009 3:04:57 PM

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