displaying multiple columns in a gridview populated from a single column

hi, i'm a newbie so my apologies in advance if i am not explaining my problem clearly... i'm happy to repost to help clarify anything.

Problem: i am not able to sort and organize my record set the way i need to to popluate my gridview. i am looking for suggestion on either how to construct my sql statement, or manipulate my gridview.

Environment: i am working in asp.net 2.0 and using a sql server db.

Details: I have a single table called Loans. i need to retrieve three columns from that table: LoanOfficer, LoanState, and LoanKey. The LoanState column contains one of three values of the state the loan is currently in (Apply, Process, or Approve). Each LoanOfficer has multiple loans assigned to him in one of those three states (apply, process, or approve). I need a gridview to list each LoanOfficer and the number of loans assigned to him in each state.

My gridview needs to display 4 columns: LoanOfficer, Apply, Process, and Approve.  Each row would have the following information: An individual loan officer would appear under the LoanOfficer header. The number of loans assigned to that LoanOfficer in the Apply state would be in the Apply column. The number of loans assigned to that LoanOfficer in the Process state would appear under the Process column. The number of loans assigned to that LoanOfficer in the Approve state would appear in the Approve column. With each new LoanOfficer, the row structure would repeat itself.

The LoanKey is a unique identifier that will be used for locating the correct record for a detail view.

I am completely lost on how to extract and group the states of the LoanState to each LoanOfficer in the manner described above. Please Help! I have found nothing on line about creating multiple columns from the data from one column.

Ideas: I have spent most of yesterday trying to construct a sql statement that would allow me to do this. so far i have had no luck. i am new to gridviews, but havent found anyway to manipulate the record set to arrange the data in the way that i need. I am also open to creating a collection and potentially binding that to the gridview. i just need help on how design the framework of something like that. Would building a View help do this...?

any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks.


3/1/2007 8:54:56 PM
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Here you are:

You can use this SQL Select statement:

SELECT LoanOfficer,COUNT(CASE WHEN LoanState='Apply' THEN LoanState ELSE NULL END) AS 'Apply'
,COUNT(CASE WHEN LoanState='Process' THEN LoanState ELSE NULL END) AS 'Process'
,COUNT(CASE WHEN LoanState='Approve' THEN LoanState ELSE NULL END) AS 'Approve'
FROM yourloanTables
GROUP BY LoanOfficer


3/1/2007 10:13:33 PM

Thank You !!!

 That worked perfectly!!

3/1/2007 10:29:03 PM
You are welcome.

3/1/2007 10:29:58 PM

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