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 Can you please give me advise as how to display multiple columns in a drop downlist. I can currently create this feature via javascript but want to avoid javascript. Do i have to create a custom server control or is there any other built in .net control i can use to mimic this feature.

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Check out this post. You will get the answer.




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 Can you please give me advise as how to display multiple columns in a drop downlist.

These articles below will lead you the way:

Developing Multicolumn-DropDown/DropDownList with ASP.NET, the GridView and the AJAX Control Toolkit

Multicolumn Dropdown jQuery Plug-in Released!

You may also check this and this threads.


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I am trying to populate my DDL with two fields coming from two different tables. But the problem is that one field is "int" type (the number of the report) and the other is "varchar" type (the client name). It says: "Syntax error converting the varchar value 'client_name' to a column of data type int." Here's my SQL query: objCmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT tbl_appel_service.fld_num_appel, tbl_appel_service.fld_num_client, " & _ "tbl_appel_service.fld_num_employe, tbl_appel_service.fld_fermer, tbl_clients.fld_num_client, " &am...

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I am planning to use a Multiple Column Dropdownlist. I googled and found some interesting links. Do you have any recommendations I believe Easylistbox (http://easylistbox.com) would be a good choice. Have you checked it out?David WierMCP/ASPInsiderASPNet101.com - where to look first!Please Vote for ASPNet101 - 'Best Community Resource'!Control Grouper - easily control properties for multiple controls with one control!Calendar Express - The Best HTML Calendar Generator on the web!(Please 'Mark as Answer' when it applies) I want some free ones. I don't think my company...

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I need to generate reports on the web interface at run-time having more than 3-4 columns. The problem is more than 3-4 columns are not getting displayed on-screen. Can please someone tell me if there is a way to compress the column names or some scroll facility so that i am able to display as many columns at run-time depending upon the query executed. Do your columns look that large in the designer? Also it sounds like you are trying to dynamically add columns to your report at run-time. If this is the case, you can accomplish this, but only with Crystal 9 and 10, but not with Crystal .N...

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Dear hi I want to show multiple columns in a DropDownList. i want to show a single column when value is selected and multiple columns when DropDownList is dropped down to select some other value. In this scenerio concatenating different columns does not solve the problem, as it shows all columns in selected value too. I hope the problem is clear to all. Thanx...

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I'm just curious if this is possible. I'm using a SqlDataSource to populate a gridview with data from multiple tables using a inner join select statement.It would be nice if it were possible to allow a user to click "Edit" and be able to update every single column for the particular row in every single table. Is it possible to do something like this?   Yes this is possible, you just have to use the proper Edit SQL command, that might be a little complex depending on how many DataTables you are editing.www.someguy.ca rantings from some Canadian guyFollow me on twitter as...

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I have coded a Table with 1 <tr> and 2 <td> to read fildes from 2 folders.The Design tab did show coding 1 and coding 2 as 2 cells/columns side by side in one row of a table.  However, the browser presentation showed the files ofthe 2nd folders directly under the files of the 1st folder.  Why the browser presentation showed only one coulmn while the Design tabshowed 2 columns?  What might be the reasons for this mistake? TIA,Jeffrey      Please post your HTML.Please remember to "mark as answered" posts that ...

Data presentation control in another Data presentation control
 Hello,I want to make a menu with datalist or gridview control.Basically,the menu will be like this,Categories     Sub Categories.For example, for COMPUTING category there will be NOTEBOOKS DESKTOPS etc.There will be a image for CATEGORIES and linkbuttons with Subcategories.If I put a datalist inside a datalist and a link button inside the second datalist visually it satisfies my need.However,CommandArguments come from database to linkbutton.Andwhen one of these command buttons is cliked it must go to proper page.I dont know how to wrie an event_handler ,specifically, for...

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Hi everyone,I am trying to create tabs similar to the AJAX page (http://ajax.asp.net/Default.aspx?tabid=47), where when you click on a tab, the content displays for that tab.  Is there a control that already does this?  hi there, as far as i know there is not single control to do this....the way you could do it is:have an asp:menu with horizontal orientation at the top where the asp:menuitems are the *tabs*,then you could have a asp:multiview just below the menu where each asp:view represents your tabs..now you need some css magic to "join" the bottom borders of y...

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Name: Chris Email: chrisatcompassrosadotus Product: Firefox Summary: Display Bookmarks in multiple columns Comments: First, Firefox rules! Second, but, unless I'm missing something, it has a weakness that I find irritating. My Bookmarks are longer than can be displayed in a single column. The scrolling is slow (scrolling arrows too small too). How about having the extra Bookmarks appear in second, third,... columns as necessary just like when you go to Programs in the Start menu. If you have more Programs than will fit from top to bottom in one column, a second colu...

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