Direct editing of gridView or Ddatagrid controls without clicking on an EDIT link

I have an application where lots of data is presented to the user in a gridView control and the user needs the option to review and overwrite any values in the cells of the grid.  My users find it very annoying and time consuming to click on an edit link to turn a row of the gridView into edit mode.  Typically, they might jump around and edit a few values in several rows. 

Is there any way to present the data in a gridView control, datagrid control or something that looks like a grid where the entire grid is already in edit mode?  Can you make a grid that contain edit boxes that are directly editable?

Currently the gridView is being bound and populated with data from a SQL query, but it doesn't matter if the edits are saved back anywhere so unbinding and manually populating the grid is fine if that would help.




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Yes - quite simple

Use text boxes for all presented data - in the first page load, lets assume the grid is bound and data rendered to the client

Users edit the text boxes and perform some post back (a SAVE, or GOTO another page, or a SORT, etc)

When the page is posted back, the grid is re-created for you with the new data, this has happened by the page load event

The, simply iterate each row of the grid (these are the displayed rows - should you have multiple pages) in the page load event of a subsequent postback and save the values returned.

At this point you might want to consider checking when rows have changed data - so you could look at using a text boxes OnChangedEvent.  You could also use javscript too

I have used this many times in VS2003 and VS2005 as I like you find the standard edit actions annoying for other than simple tasks - and even then...

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.
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