datalist size + value of textbox after postbackurl

Hello everybody, is pretty new to me so i have a few simple questions. I am working on a page to send emails.

First, i have a table with in one row a datalist, that is a presentation of email attachments. Now I loop through all these elements and i want to show them all after each other horizontal, but the problem is that if i don' t specify the number of columns the size of my page ( and table )  will increase if the list of items becomes to great, and if i specify for example 4 columns, everything looks ok if i have for example 4 attachments, but when i have only 2 attachments, they don' t come after eacht other, but one comes whole to the left, and the other one to its right but with lots of space between them.

Another problem I have is that when i already have my subject and recipients filled in, and I press the button add attachment, what redirects me to another page with postbackurl = ... , when I go back after adding the attachments, the values of the textboxes are lost. I can store these in variables, but i thougth that viewstate already did the trick but I guess I am wrong.

All help and tips are welcome !


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For the first item (the sized datalist), I'd recommend setting the 4 column limit to have the datalist auto-wrap.  You can then avoid fixing the width of the datalist, and instead set the width of each element in the itemtemplate of the datalist (using either a nested <div> or <table>) to a fixed size.  That way the column sizes will stay consistent regardless of how many items there are.

When you navigate to another page, the viewstate of your page will be lost when you redirect back. So if you want to keep these values around it might make the most sense to either store them in a database or in session state.

Hope this helps,


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