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Okay here's my situation I'm trying to make a page that the user is presented witha a single text box. This text box would be used to entering problems, complaints, etc. Apon Pressing insert there is a number of other fields that would be hidden that would be used to create a complete ticket to be written to a ticket database, this information would be pulled from a USer database using the User's login...

Where I'm at...

I currently am Using a Select statement for my User table, and an Insert Statement for my Tickets table.

They are both in the same datasource and using User.Identity.Name to determine the login name. (this is working) In my Item Template All the hidden fields (which I've not hidden yet) are filling in correctly leaving the Request field blank as I've added a column is in the User table but set to Null only. (I'm sure there is a better way) but never the less it populates fine. If I use insert command here it Throws up and says you need to be in insert mode, Now if the Insert Template (using the exact same code to the character) It inserts perfectly fine, however; doesn't populate the fields from the User Table. So I have the proper functionality on both ends, however, not getting them to play together. Really all I need is the fields First, Last, Department, and extension to be pulled the User table where User = @User meaning I only get the correct record (or null) and when I push insert below my request textbox it takes that information and inserts it into my ticket table...

 Any ideas?

(Next step after this would be make it so if the Username isn't found in my Usertable it would forward the user to a different URL, however; first I need the above before I worry about registration processes.)

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Hi MetaIce:

           I have some suggestion and hope it can help.

  1. To the Insert button event, add the code: FormView1.ChangeMode(FormViewMode.Insert);
  2. I think you can can write some codes to insert information to your ticket table. These codes should be written in Insert button event too. First check the user name to see whether it exists in user table. If not, redirect. If it exists, do insert. Please see the link below. It shows you a simple example:

          (FindControl in FormView)

          (ADO.NET Operation)

          Hope my suggestion helps. Thank you.


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Thank you for your cooperation
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I see the command you want me to add however I'm not sure how exactly to enter it here is my insert button...

<asp:LinkButton ID="InsertButton" runat="server" CausesValidation="True" ValidationGroup="InsertValidationControls" CommandName="Insert" Text="Insert" />

The only code behind involved in that button is an oninserting event, however; I cannot use the code mentioned in that event... How should I address this?

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