data presenttion with dynamic header and columns also fliping rows/columns

 I have to data in data set in the form

 CustomerName , dateof theWeek

 abc                    1 january

abc1                    1 january

xyz                     1 january

dfg                       2 january

hsg                       2 january

and similarly for the week


i want to present the same in a report in / using controls only


1 january      2 january till saturday starting from monday so headers and columns can vary acc to month selected

customer1    customer 1

cutomer2      customer 2


so neither the header nor the rows are static how to present this , using which control


thanks in advance please advice

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 Any reason you can't put the data into the dataset in the format you want to see it on the screen?

Your column names would be your dates.

A default datagrid or gridview control (depending on what version you are using) would be a piece of cake.

To me, this is a database problem (return the data in the right format) rather than a UI layer problem.


4/14/2008 8:58:46 AM

No there is no specific reason of doing that in UI layer , i can do the same

in database but it is not coming out .... if you have particular query plz help 

4/14/2008 3:14:00 PM

Hi dextar,

This is called cross table.

These articles can help you.

sqlserver 2005 :
c# code:

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