Create multiple datagrid columns from single column

I have a datagrid that generates a single column of data that is extremely long.  I'd like to find a method to create multiple columns from the single column so the data is easier to read.

I have tried the DIV method to create a scroll bar, but it's still a single column of data. The other goal is to make the data printable. If I can crop the column when it hits the bottom of the page, and then start it again on a new column it will be easier to read and printable.
Is this possible? Should I be using a different control other than a datagrid?

Ariston Collander

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How is this data generated?  If you plan to create multiple columns, how are you going to divide it?  Is there any logic for it?  Give a scenario and explain your question little bit more.
11/17/2004 8:22:10 PM
Actually with a little more research I resolved the problem.  The data is pulled from an SQL database.  It simply grabs a list of zip codes for a given salesperson (their coverage area basically).  I was trying to format a datagrid using myReader.Read() and a counter variable.  This solved my problem, but I was missing values.

I did a little more reader and determined that a DataList did the trick much better. I bound it to the same data source as the grid, but was able to set the RepeatColumns property to 8. This spits out 8 columns exactly as I wanted it.

Ariston Collander

"No one person's opinions could be said to be 'truer' than another's. For each is the sole judge of his or her own experiences." - Protagoras
11/17/2004 8:50:50 PM

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