Can you display data from a single row in multiple rows using a GridView?

I am currently displaying 3 fields in a gridview and it looks something like this:

First Name  Last Name  Age
========  ========  ===
Chris          Messineo    40
John           Smith         35
Tim            Jones         30
I need to modify the gridview and display a bio, but I want it to display on 1 full line below each line, like this:
First Name  Last Name  Age
========  ========  ===
Chris          Messineo    40
Chris was born in a log cabin...
John           Smith         35
At the age of 10 John invented...
Tim            Jones         30
Mr. Jones was always a curious child...
Is this even possible in a GridView?  And if so, any suggestions on where to start?
Thanks a lot,
Chris Messineo
p.s.  I still need to have sorting and paging work, although I do not need to sort on the bio info.
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Dear, friend:

According to your scenario. i recommend you to create a FormView with two Rows. You can put the general GridView into the first row and put a Literal control in the second row for displaying the bio info

I hope the above information will be helpful. If you have any issues or concerns, please let me know. It's my pleasure to be of assistance

Best Regards,
Rex Lin
Microsoft Online Community Support

If there is any question or the issue is not resolved, please feel free to mark the thread as not resolved
3/6/2007 1:54:08 AM

Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not sure it answers my question?  If I understand your answer, it would only give me the info for 1 person, but I need it for mulitple people.

So, I am still wondering, Is it possible to do this using a GridView? 

3/7/2007 10:11:34 PM

Easy way is to use a DataList and you will be the real master and do whatever you want...



3/7/2007 10:43:21 PM

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