Add LinkButton Column on runtime

How can I add a Linkbutton Column into a datagrid on runtime??? Not on design time but on runtime...
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Dim col As New ButtonColumn
col.ButtonType = ButtonColumnType.LinkButton

Bug [MCSD]
4/23/2004 2:18:20 PM
I think I need to add the column into a Dataset

should i say dataset1.Tables(0).Add(......?.......)

4/23/2004 5:19:49 PM
This is my code below, I am trying to get a value dr.getvalue(0) and place it in a Column called LinkButton which I set as a ButtonColumn. The value is being displayed on the grid but doesnt showup as a linkbutton, it shows up only as a text value

Ssql = "select * from testpurpose"
With cmd
.CommandText = Ssql
.Connection = Cn
End With
Cn.ConnectionString = StrOleDb
myAdaptor.SelectCommand = cmd
Dim col As New ButtonColumn()
col.ButtonType = ButtonColumnType.LinkButton
DataSet1.Tables(0).Columns.Add(col.ButtonType).ColumnName = ("Linkbutton")
dr = cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection)
While dr.Read
DataSet1.Tables(0).Rows(0).Item("Linkbutton") = dr.GetValue(0)
End While
DataGrid2.DataSource = DataSet1
4/23/2004 6:26:41 PM
I see, i though you simply wanted to add a LinkButton column to your datagrid at runtime. Are you autogenerating columns in the datagrid? If so, your column will always show up as text. You need to define your own <asp:ButtonColumn of type LinkButton for the grid and bind it to your dataset.
Bug [MCSD]
4/27/2004 8:34:11 AM
I changed my grid to a third party componenet, using infragistics the grid I use now is more flexible, called the ultrawebgrid, yes I set the autogeneratecolumns=true, I am trying to create a linkbutton column, the way yu showed works perfect for the original datagrid but for the ultrawebgrid, that way doesnt work.
4/27/2004 12:20:13 PM

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