Accessing Gridview Cell Values from inside a Template column

I have a checkbox inside a template field of a gridview, and I need it to respond to a click by appending the key value of the row to a sql statement and executing it.  I have tried using

dim ID as string = MyGrid.SelectedValue.ToString

in the checkbox's OnClick event, but evidently, SelectedValue is populated only if a row is selected using the built-in "Select" button.

I have been advised to add a custom attribute to the checkbox in the GridView's RowDataBound event.  In this context, I can get the value I need in GridView.DataKeys(e.Row.RowIndex).Value.ToString, but I can find no way to add the attribute to the checkbox.

Basically, I need to know how to access the cell values, including the key value, of a Gridview row when a control inside a template field is clicked.

Thanks for your advice.


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I'm in the same situation. Here's what I plan on doing (haven't actually implemented it yet).

Protected Sub CheckBox1_CheckedChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
   Dim cb As CheckBox = CType(sender, CheckBox)
   Dim row As GridViewRow = CType(cb.Parent.Parent, GridViewRow)
   ' I think you can figure the rest out from here

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