Response.Redirect after response.OutputStream.Write?

I'm using the Wrox Docs module from Building An ASP.NET Intranet.

This code outputs the doc from the DB to the client

Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
Dim ItemID As Integer = -1
Dim strTable As String = "parent"
Dim DocsSec As New WroxDocSecurity()
'comment this code if you don't want to lock down the download process
If Not (DocsSec.HasDocPermissions(DocumentPermissions.DownloadandViewOnly, Request.Params("key"))) _
And Not (PortalSecurity.HasEditPermissions(Request.Params("mid"))) Then
Response.Write("<script>alert('You do not have authority to download files.')</script>")
End If
If Not (Request.Params("ItemID") Is Nothing) Then
ItemID = Int32.Parse(Request.Params("ItemID"))
ElseIf Not (Request.Params("SubItemID") Is Nothing) Then
ItemID = Int32.Parse(Request.Params("SubItemID"))
strTable = "child"
End If
If ItemID <> -1 Then
' Obtain Document Data from Documents table
Dim DocsDB As New WroxDocsDB()
DocsDB.RenderDocument(ItemID, strTable, Response)
End If
End Sub
Public Function RenderDocument(ByVal ItemID As Integer, ByVal strTable As String, ByRef response As HttpResponse) As Integer
Dim db As New Wrox.Intranet.DataTools.Database()
Dim dr As SqlDataReader
Dim params(1) As SqlParameter
params(0) = db.MakeParameter("@ItemID", ItemID)
params(1) = db.MakeParameter("@Table", strTable)
db.RunProcedure("upDMS_RenderWroxDoc", params, dr)
If dr Is Nothing Then
_errorMessage = db.ErrorMessage
End If
Catch e As Exception
_errorMessage = "Unable to retrieve the document [" & e.Message & "]"
dr = Nothing
End Try
response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "inline;filename=" & dr("filename"))
'NOTE: could also use "attachment" instead of "inline"
response.ContentType = CType(dr("ContentType"), String)
response.OutputStream.Write(CType(dr("Content"), Byte()), 0, CInt(dr("ContentSize")))
End Function

After the line

response.OutputStream.Write(CType(dr("Content"), Byte()), 0, CInt(dr("ContentSize")))

I want to response.redirect("Page.aspx")
This doesn't work - and it also leaves a window open that I want to close automatically.
What I want to happen is for the doc the output to the client, update the DB so the Doc is then checked out, close the window, then redirect back to refresh the DataGrid.
Anyone know of a solution to this?
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