how can i make my url friendly


i am using Dnn 4.9 and i make a page name category and in that category i am displayin the list of mobile brands  and when any user click any mobile brand it display all the mobiles in that brand in another page  and when user click any mobile it display its detail in another pager

mobiles brand(category) => mobiles page(mobiles)  =>mobile detail (mobiledetail)

Part  1:

now when i run my program and when i click my category page it display this url


but i only want it to be


when i search the net i found a soultion that if i use     urlformat="HumanFriendly" in webconfig i get the human friendly urls and i get this url


part 2:

but when i click any brand in the category of mobile brand page i get this url


but i want that i get this url

http://localhost/dnn/mobiles.aspx or http://localhost/dnn/mobiles/2.aspx                      somthin like that

when i search i find that if i can rewrite the url with the help of siteUrls.config

and they give many example like


i tried that but i do not work , am i doing somthing wrong , also how can i make this work for part 1 and part 2

so i can make friendly url for both 1 level and more then one level pages

also is it possible that i can make my part 2 url somthin like this

http://localhost/dnn/mobiles-c2           (that category selected is 2)

and if any one select any mobile  from that brand  page  lets suppose mobile with id =48  then url  become


i hope i explain what i want to do and hope some one can help me on this

plz atleast tell me how can i urrewrite my url to user friendly when its more then one level


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use the Server.Transfer() instead of the response.redirect().


it will keep the url as it is but move the user to the transfered page

11/19/2008 12:39:47 AM

 plz read my post again , i do not want that i keep the same URL i want to have friendly Url when i pass some query string but i am not able to make the rules


11/21/2008 5:09:16 AM


If you use query to pass data then you dont have much choice and no you cant pass data without having your parametters hidden.
11/21/2008 7:11:23 AM