Property is not setting in custom control property

hi ,

        I am adding an image control programmatically in a webpartzone which is adding successfully but the properties i am setting in image control are not setting .following is the code that i am using .the code 'img.ImageUrl = "~/images/atlas_title.jpg"     do not set the property in it.

Dim webmgr As WebPartManager = WebPartManager.GetCurrentWebPartManager(Me)

Dim img As New Web.UI.WebControls.Image

img.ID = "Img"

'img.ImageUrl = "~/images/atlas_title.jpg"           

Dim wpart As GenericWebPart = webmgr.CreateWebPart(img)

Dim wimg As WebPart = webmgr.AddWebPart(wpart, WebPartZone1, 1)




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i find the same question,but i have not find the solution.waiting someone help us!
9/12/2006 1:17:48 PM

i get it!


You can access it if you use the GenericWebParts's ChildControl Property, and cast the returned control to your user control.

You can also create your own custom control and inherits the WebPart class, if you do so, you don't need to "turn" the control into a Generic webpart.

for example: 

  ((Image)WebPartManager1.WebParts[0].Controls[0]).ImageUrl = "";

9/13/2006 4:59:51 PM

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