Button click event not fired for a custom webpart where controls are added dynamically.

We are migrating a Sharepoint 2003 site to MOSS 2007 and ASP.NET 2.0. We have also migrated the webparts but they are still inheriting from Sharepoint.WebPart. We have a webpart where controls are added dynamically at runtime. On this webpart a button is added dynamically and a click event handler is also attached. The button on the webpart is displayed only when there is some data. The button deletes the selected row of data when clicked. But when we click on the button, the page gets posted but the event handler is not called. We analysed and found that the code where we add the button to one of the table cells does not get executed. That means that the button is added to the webparts control collection but not to any other container's control collection and hence not added on the webpart. The button does not get displayed and event is also not handled. When we add the button forcefully to one of the container table, the event gets executed. Where are we going wrong? Or Is it an ASP.NET 2.0 limitation.

Please note that this same code works extermely fine in ASP.NET 1.1 and Sharepoint 2003.

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


11/12/2008 3:22:51 PM
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I didn't see the code so can't say what exactly the problem it is.

But develop customization webpart under Sharepoint 2003 and ASP.NET is NOT same as developement under Sharepoint 2007. Under 2007 the webpart are inheriting the namespace System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.

So please read through this article http://www.wrox.com/WileyCDA/Section/Developing-SharePoint-2007-Web-Parts.id-306330.html

Hope this one helps.

Best Regards,


11/13/2008 10:38:42 AM

Thanks Ji for the response.

I have been able to resolve the issue. Please see my other post for the resolution. What I found out was that the code was not assigning any ID to the dynamically added controls and since some of the controls were not generated always, the ID's generated by ASP.NET were also not consistent for same control on Postback. The moment we assigned the "ID' to all the controls, everything started working fine.

 The big question before us is why is it working in the older version ASP.NET1.1 and Sharepoint 2003? Can you provide something on this?




11/13/2008 11:02:27 AM

It seems to be a typical convert ASP.NET 1.1 to ASP.NET 2.0 issue. Check these post out:



Hope this can help you guys get some idea.



11/13/2008 11:22:41 AM

Thanks a lot Ji. The inputs are really helpful.

11/14/2008 6:18:29 AM

Hello Irtaiza. I am facing the same issue in .net 3.5. I have created a web part which has few text boxes and labels and a save button. I have assigned an id to the save button. On deploying this web part, and opening it, I am able to debug it. However, the save button click event is just not being fired. I am just stuck up with this. Please let me know if there is anything that I am missing. Thanks.


11/26/2008 10:50:34 AM

hey snehal,

sorry for being late ..... Can you confirm that you have attached an event handler for your button. Thats somewhere in your intialization section u must have this code

button.click += new EventHandler(button1_click);

Make sure this is there.

11/27/2008 10:08:12 AM

Hello irtaiza. I have solved the issue. Actually I was accessing an object (A class in different assembly) in my event handler. On removing the code which accessed the object, my event handler started firing properly.

I have no clue about why the event handler didn't fire earlier. I also ensured that object's assembly was strong named and installed to the GAC.Even then it didn't fire.I have worked around this problem by moving the class to the same assembly.




11/27/2008 10:20:38 AM

That's cool!!!

11/27/2008 3:50:56 PM

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