Trasaction problem (work in C# but not VB.NET)?


I am building a unit test project and have tryed the transaction in C# like this:


            using (TransactionScope oTranScope = new TransactionScope())
                //work to be done

 This workes grate even when the databas operations is deep down in a object.

I have now moved on to imiplement this in a VB.NET project and the code for this is as fallows:


                Using scope As TransactionScope = New TransactionScope()

                    lUpdateStaffResult = maintenance.UpdateStaff(lUpdateStaffRequest)

                    Throw New Exception("test")
                End Using
            Catch ex As Exception
            End Try

Apperently you have to throw a exception with in the transactionScope, else the complete will be executed? This should work either way, no data should be written to the database but it is? I have executed in debug mode to see what’s really happens, the data is added but never removed?

I am running against the same database (MS SQL 2000) with both the c# and the The code is slightly more advance (communication between LogicLayer/webservices, ServiceLayer, busunessLayer,Data access layer and stored procedures) some of the Stored procedures uses MS SQL Transactions as well.

 Any idée why this won’t work?



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I am not very good at VB, I was hoping somebody else will reply to you. But does not look like.

What I see in your code is that you are using inside a try that's why the exception

Remove the using, but make sure you call Dispose or Close

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11/10/2006 1:44:45 AM


I have now tryed the fallowing:


            scope = New TransactionScope()
            lUpdateStaffResult = maintenance.UpdateStaff(lUpdateStaffRequest)

 But this does not work? My test function looks like this:


    <DataSource("System.Data.SqlClient", "Data Source=X;Initial Catalog=X;User ID=X;Password=X", "personal", DataAccessMethod.Sequential)> <TestMethod()> _
    <AspNetDevelopmentServer("WSMaintenance", "X")> _
    Public Sub AddOneUser()
        Dim maintenance As New Maintenance()

        Dim lUpdateStaffRequest As UpdateStaffRequest
        Dim lUpdateStaffResult As UpdateStaffResult = Nothing

        Dim inactive As Boolean = False

        Dim scope As TransactionScope


            Assert.IsTrue(WebServiceHelper.TryUrlRedirection(maintenance, testContextInstance, "WSMaintenance"), "Web Service faild")

            lUpdateStaffRequest = New UpdateStaffRequest()

            Dim lSt(1) As UpdateStaffRequestStaff
            lSt(1) = New UpdateStaffRequestStaff()
            lSt(1).Name = TestContext.DataRow()("namn").ToString()
            lSt(1).ExternalStaffId = TestContext.DataRow()("externId").ToString()

            If (Integer.Parse(TestContext.DataRow()("inaktiv").ToString()) > 0) Then
                inactive = True
            End If

            lSt(1).Inactive = inactive
            lSt(1).StaffCategoryId = Integer.Parse(TestContext.DataRow()("personal_kategori_id").ToString()) '1 '10
            lSt(1).CivilRegistrationNumber = TestContext.DataRow()("personnr").ToString()
            lSt(1).Initials = TestContext.DataRow()("namn_kort").ToString()
            lSt(1).TelephoneNumber = TestContext.DataRow()("telefon").ToString()
            lSt(1).OtherInformation = TestContext.DataRow()("fritext").ToString()

            lUpdateStaffRequest.Staff = lSt

            lUpdateStaffRequest.Envelope = New EnvelopeType()
            lUpdateStaffRequest.Envelope.StartTime = DateTime.Now

                Using scope As TransactionScope = New TransactionScope()
                    lUpdateStaffResult = maintenance.UpdateStaff(lUpdateStaffRequest)
                    Throw New Exception("test")
                End Using
            Catch ex As Exception
            End Try

            Assert.IsNotNull(lUpdateStaffResult, "no returning value")
            Assert.AreEqual(True, validateEnvelope(lUpdateStaffResult.Envelope), "Envelope is not valid")

        End Try
    End Sub

The maintenance.UpdateStaff(lUpdateStaffRequest) is going to the webservice that drills deep nown in the diffrent layers that ends with a Stored Procedure in a MS SQL Server.

According to this: it should work? I have tryed to do similiar things with C#(but with out layers and Stored procceduures) and this worked fine. This most mean that the MS SQL server is setup properly.

Pleas help

11/10/2006 8:22:05 AM

Hey again!

I have med some test with regular VB.NET class librarys and a unit test project and this works fine. I have now created a webservice and a unitTest project against it, it simes like the trasaction is nor working over the webservice? is there any way to get this to work?

Else i will have to place my unit test on the service layer insted(one level down) and hope that the trasaction will work between layers?

11/10/2006 2:41:46 PM

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