Stored Procedure - Getting PK from Inserted Record - HOW??

I have an ASP.NET page where administrators can enter questions/answers into a SQL Server database.  Every question has 4 answers and 1 category assigned to each question.  Thus, there is a 1 to MANY relationship between tblQuestions and tblAnswers.  I am having trouble in the SQL logic for the following stored procedure on INSERTING a question and its 4 answers.  My logic jus seems very inefficient.  I am also having trouble on figuring out the PK for the Question that was just submitted into tblQuestions so I can use it as a FK for tblAnswers for each Answer submitted.

CREATE PROCEDURE spInsertQuestionAnswers

@Question varchar(500),
@EnteredBy varchar(50),
@Category int,
@Answer1 varchar(1000),
@Answer2 varchar(1000),
@Answer3 varchar(1000),
@Answer4 varchar(1000)
INSERT INTO tblQuestions
(Question, CategoryID, EnteredBy)
VALUES(@Question, @CategoryID, @EnteredBy)
@(SELECT MAX(QuestionID)
FROM tblQuestions) ' don't know how to do this?!?

INSERT INTO tblAnswers
(Answer, QuestionID, EnteredBy)
VALUES(@Answer1, @QuestionID, @EnteredBy)
INSERT INTO tblAnswers
(Answer, QuestionID, EnteredBy)
VALUES(@Answer2, @QuestionID, @EnteredBy)
INSERT INTO tblAnswers
(Answer, QuestionID, EnteredBy)
VALUES(@Answer3, @QuestionID, @EnteredBy)
INSERT INTO tblAnswers
(Answer, QuestionID, EnteredBy)
VALUES(@Answer4, @QuestionID, @EnteredBy)

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!
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This post contains all you need.
Anthony Mason MCSD
10/18/2004 6:19:48 PM

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