Nested SQL Queries

Hey guys,

I'm new to DB programming in .net and am having trouble with trying to display an catalouge on a webpage.

I have created the following table:

category{id, title, level, parent}

id - identifier
title - text value
level - the level of the catalouge entry
parent - the parent of this category

In classic asp i would have neested a query e.g.

loop all db entries where level = 0
      current = rs(id).value
      loop all entries where parent = current
            display sub categories

My current approach in .net uses a datareader to display the data gathered, but its not possible to have 2 data readers with the same connection. So how do i overcome this??


Many Thanks


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Hi Josh

We can't open 2 datareader with same connection simulteniously
U can do one thing that all db entries where level = 0 collect into an arraylist and
close the reader. now make a loop to iterate all the sub entries

arraylist=select all db entries where level = 0
loop arraylist
      current = arraylist(id).value
      loop all entries where parent = current
            display sub categories


Manav Burghate
Software Engineer
4/14/2006 8:00:10 AM

Can you use nested query to do it from database end/

Like this:

SELECT    DISTINCT b.title, b.mylevel, b.parent
FROM   twoqueryTable b  INNER JOIN (SELECT     a.title, a.mylevel, a.parent
FROM         twoqueryTable a ) as c
ON c.parent = b.mylevel
WHERE  b.mylevel=0



4/14/2006 7:08:29 PM

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