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I have the service set up and running and I'm able to do searches on my website and return the results to a search page. The basics are fine and up and running.

Question: I find when I publish the website if the '[x] Make site updateable' checkbox isn't checked the .aspx pages do not show up in a search. Is it true that the site must be published as updateable in order to make the MS Indexer work?  Am I sacrificing security in order to get the pages indexed?  Is there a way to publish the site as not updateable and still have the indexer work?

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 If you look at the published site (with make site updateable unchecked), you'll find that all the aspx pages are replaced with marker aspx files with the same name but having the following line of text as their content.

This is a marker file generated by the precompilation tool, and should not be deleted! 

 Once this happens, the keywords associated with the pages are lost and so the pages don't appear in searches. 


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