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Hi, what is the simlpest way to list all the table names in one particular database?
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What particular Database?  There are different approaches for different dbs
12/7/2004 12:22:03 PM
sorry, an Access Database
12/7/2004 12:24:51 PM
Have a look at GetOleDbSchemaTable :;EN-US;309681
12/7/2004 12:57:35 PM
Here's a shorter page, using that same method to actually use an MS Access database, and add the table names to a listbox (the MS example used OleDb - but also used sql server in its examples):
David Wier
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>>Here's a shorter page, ... (the MS example used OleDb - but also used sql server in its examples.

In case you stumble over those confusing connection strings :)
BTW: Nice sight augustwind
12/7/2004 7:05:49 PM

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