Issue with Template Columns & Bound Columns while updating the data in a GridView control


I'm facing the below problem (In general, ObjectDataSource is driving me crazy ! )

I have a simple gridview control and an ObjectDataSource is used to populate the grid. I'm trying to update a row and the corresponding tableadapter methods & stored procedure are in place. Each row has 2 checkboxes and 2 textboxes in edit mode.

When the change the values in edit mode and hit update, the checkbox values changed are saved into the Database properly, whereas the textbox values are not being saved.

If the textbox column is a bound column then the column is updated with <NULL> in Database. If I change it to a template column, then no update is done; the old value is retained in Database. So, in none of the cases I get the desired result.

What am I missing here? I have NO code in any of the events like GridView_RowUpdating etc.. and I intend not to have any. This is pretty straightforward update.

Please help.



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Hi Jai,

Since there are only 2 columns updated, I suggest you check the UPDATE statement in your Update method of ObjectDataSource. The code to update the other 2 columns might be missing.

You can try to add some breakpoints in the Update method, step through it to see if every parameter and value has been added properly.

If you're using a SQL Server database, you can also start SQL Profiler to get a trace to see what is actually being executed on the server.

Kevin Yu
Microsoft Online Community Support

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