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Hi everyone,

I am creating an application for my students.  I teach piano.  There are three levels for them: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. After they have logged in, they are given the opportunity to select various pieces of sheet music to learn according to their level from a dropdown list control.  I have created the database which lists the sheet music and bound it to the dropdownlist control.  I have also added a textbox control where I want them to type in the reason why they selected the particular piece of music to learn (I know, kids hate writing essays, but it's not an essay, I promise! :) 

 Ok, I have also added a gridview control that is bound to the datasource that will display listings of all the pieces of sheet music the student has already selected and learned, just so they can see how they have progressed. (many get a kick out of seeing how they selected a challenging piece and were able to "conquer" it)  Ok, you can tell I really like teaching piano!

The gridview contains the following columns: Name, Level, SheetMusicName, Reason, ApprovedByInstructor, Completed

Ok, next.  Here is what I want to do: I want to insert into the gridview (into the datasource), the student's selections from the dropdownlist and the text out of the textbox.

  1. Student makes a selection from the dropdownlist
  2. Student types in the reason for the selection in a textbox
  3. Student sees the music they have learned in a gridview
  4. Student clicks the "I want to learn this!" button
  5. Once the button is clicked, a new page is launched (or can I do a postback to the same page?) that shows the New selected music (dropdownlist.selectedValue) and the reason they selected it (textbox.text) all within the gridview control.

I will post my HTML and ASP.NET code below.  I appreciate your expertise.

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that can be easily done by postback..

you have to insert seleted item of dropdown and text of the text box into the database on button click event and after inserting you have to rebind the gridview..

i hope this will help you.

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It seems that this is similar to this post:


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