how to insert all data from dataset to a temporary table in sql server database

I always get solutions for my question from the forum , thanks for all your help.

Question is i have select some data from a database in server 1 and save it in to a DataSet in

now i need to create a temporary table in server 2 test database and insert all rows in DataSet. I know I can read row by row in DataSet.Table(0) and execute a insert statement for each row. but i think this is time consuming. Is there any way that I can transfer all data in DataSet to a temporary table at once.

need your help please.

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I am selecting data from Server 1 Datababse (original1) as follows

 Dim sqlCn As New SqlConnection
        Dim daSql As SqlDataAdapter
        Dim dsSql As New DataSet
        Dim cmdSql As New SqlCommand

            sqlCn.ConnectionString = SoapSageDataFunctions.dbConnectString 'Crates Connection String to server1
            sqlCn.Open() ' Opens Connection

            Dim sqcmd As New SqlCommand
            sqcmd.CommandText = "SET CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL OFF"
            sqcmd.Connection = sqlCn

            cmdSql.CommandText = "SET DATEFORMAT 'dmy'"
            cmdSql.Connection = sqlCn

sSql="select rowid,name,accnumber,creditlimit from tableOriginal1"

            daSql = New SqlDataAdapter(sSql, sqlCn)
            daSql.Fill(dsSql, "Temp")

' ''' '' ' ' ' ' '  ' ' now dsSql DataSet have datafrom tableOriginal1 I need to insert all these rows in to a table in Server 2 database

how to do this please give your answers. I only read data from server 1 tableoriginal1


1/2/2009 12:06:53 PM

Hi Pathiya007,

To copy data into SQL Server database, you can take advantage of SqlBulkCopy class. It can help you to copy data to SQL Server tables in a quicker way. For how to use it, please check this example:


David Qian
Microsoft Online Community Support

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1/5/2009 8:44:04 AM

hi, Wencui Qian

 thanks , perfect answer . i modified my code now it finish the task with in seconds, earlire took 3 minutes only for 6000 rows.

1/19/2009 4:15:45 PM

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