Getting "Problem in Mapping Fragment starting at line ..." error when trying to create table mappings for table associations in ADO.NET Entity Framework


COUNTRY_ID   smallint

clustered, unique, primary key located on PRIMARY    COUNTRY_ID


ORIG_COUNTRY_ID    smallint
DEST_COUNTRY_ID    smallint

 clustered, unique, primary key located on PRIMARY    CARRIER_ID, MODE_RULE_TYPE_ID, ORIG_COUNTRY_ID, DEST_COUNTRY_ID

There is a foreign key relationship from COUNTRY_MODE_RULES to COUNTRY_LOOKUP


When using ADO.NET EF VS2008 Designer it automatically creates associations for the foreign key relationships. 

When trying to define the table mapping between these tables, I keep getting error "Problem in Mapping Fragment...COUNTRY_MODE_RULES is mapped to multiple conceptual side properties.

I know the problem happens because those ORIG_COUNTRY_ID and DEST_COUNTRY_ID fields are both scalar properties and navigation properties too. But I can't delete the scalar property because those fields are part of the primary key for the table. 

If any one has across this issue before, please let me know how you tried to solve it.


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 I just deleted the table completely from the EF designer and deleted everything related to the table manually from the XML.

 I then added the table again and put the right mappings and it is now working without any problem.

 I think if the fields are primary key it doesn't cause problem to have them both in the navigation and property.

2/25/2009 7:54:28 PM

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