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I'm currently developing a number of websites for various clients and have built a useful Content Management System for each.  Almost everything on my site is database generated and each page makes multiple database calls for many different things.  My problem is that my database control is quite rudimentary and is therefor letting down the rest of my application.  

I have implemented the GotDotNet Application Block 3.1 and generally use the ExecuteReader method for everything I do. I programatically generate all database returns using while ( IDataReader.Read() ) and then close the IDatareader using Close(). I have run into a problem with this however in that the Datareader is closed but the SqlConnection remains open. I have cannot for the life of me find where to explicitly close the connection using the GotDotNet DAAB.
And so this brings me to my question. I'm on the hunt for a new solution. I have thought of building a class which receives a SqlCommand, executes a DataReader based on that command, builds a multidimensional array from the results and closes all database connections. Then I can play with my array to my heart's content and not worry about database leakages. Is this a good idea?
Should I be using a Typed DataSet to do this? and if so, can someone please direct me to a useful site that doesn't ONLY build a dataset to bind to a dropdownlist.
Alternatively, if anyone knows of a simple to use, well built SQL database class, I'd love to know about it.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
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