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Ok, i have a very simple access database called score with just one table called high. This is just going to be used to keep the current score of a higher scorer and there name However, when the page loads i want the user to see this current high score and the persons name, but just one record i only ever want this to hold one record aswell..When the user finish’s the game there score is currently presented to them, when this happens i would like to connect to the database and check weather there score is higher than the current score (may have changed since they loaded page) I was wondering how i get this data into a variable so i can use it in a simple if statement... Then i will need to edit the current record... But i think i only need help with getting the data in the format that i want...


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If you want to get the only record from the hightest score table, you can just do

SELECT Score FROM HightestScore

Since this query just return one row with one cell, you can certainly execute it with SqlCommand.ExecuteScalar().

However, I don't suggest to store the highest score seperately. You can query the highest score dynamically from the scores table, like

SELECT Top 1 Score FROM Scores ORDER BY Score

The first record will be the highest score.

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Can you provide a link to where I can get specific instructions on

setting up IIS and access rights when using an Access 2003 DB as

a backend to a website? Did most of the IIS setup already with a host

who didn't have any experience with Access backends.

Do you have a working website with an Access backend? I have

a site that works fine in Vis Studio 2005 Pro, but problems getting

it to run. It publishes fine using XP Pro, but I get 403 (not authorized) and

404 (page not found) errors. Do you know what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks for any help..Cool

10/1/2007 3:54:12 PM

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