Data Access Layer & Data Layer

what is the difference between Data Access Layer & Data Layer??
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A data layer is where your DB is (or maybe text files). Like your SQL Server DB is your data layer.

Data access layer is the code you write to access the data layer and perform operations.



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The way I see the design in the most basic forms, that the DAL is referenced in Business Logic Layer, where data returned by the entities is stored in a class.That class is referenced by both the UI and BLL. Right? There is no other way to do it I think, because the moment you let the developer reference the entity in UI, then you lose the separation of data.ORRRRRRRRR maybe there is a way to return an Entity Type to UI from BLL without referencing the DAL?BTW I've searched the web, not much there, as I think relatively few systems have yet to take advantage of this technology this deepl...

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Good Afternoon I've been following the Data tutorials on this site ( and created a Data Access Layer which has a table adaptor GetProductsForUserID, this uses a sql query to only return product where the current user (this.User.Identity.Name) is linked to product (using a joining table). This DAL is access in my application via a Business Logic Layer which is bound to a Data List. How can I pass the userid to the Business Logic Layer which in turn calls the Data Access Layer?. Previously I've only used a SQL statement and a SqlD...

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Hi, The dynamic data web application by default operates on connected enviornment, but I want to use dynamic data in a disconnected environment, where  I have my own data access layer with the relavent methods exposed, in a senario as such how can i connected with dynamic data? What are the changes i need to make when registering the control and in the LinqDataSource?   Thank you Dilrukshi The release version only supports Linq to SQL and DynamicData but the Preview uses the DomainService also and with this you can use your own Data Access layer. see here for PreviewSteve ...

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Hi, I'm using the Exception Management Application Block in my web layer to log exceptions to a text file, and it works quite well.  However, I have found it doesn't seem to be possible to get the same logging functionality in my Biz or Data layers without passing any exceptions up to the Web layer, which is something I don't really want to do.  Is there any way to use the EMAB to log exceptions at layers that don't have access to web.config?  If not I feel that this is a fairly serious limitation, as exceptions don't just happen at the web layer! ...

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Hi,I'm designing the data access layer for my web app using typed datasets and have a few questions.If I have a DataTable with a schema of several columns, do all of the queries on the TableAdapter for that DataTable have to return all of the exact same columns? Or can the queries return a subset of those columns?Does it make sense to create an entirely new DataTable within my DataSet when I am only expecting a few rows to be returned? For example, I need to query the database to find the manager of a single employee. I then need to use the name of the manager to find...

ORM.NET v.16
Olero Software has released version 1.6 of ORM.NET - the popular object relational mapping and code generation tool. ORM.NET saves .NET developers significant time and effort by generating a complete ADO.NET based Data Access Layer (DAL) modeled on an existing SQL database schema. Version 1.6 NOW SUPPORTS VB.NET code generation as well as the ability to easily customize project namespaces. Download a free trial and see the difference ORM.NET will make on your next .NET project at Stop manually coding your ADO.NET data access layer! ...

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Hi:I have recently learned to create/use stored procedures and create an n-tier application using the Data Access Layer and Business Logic layer to populate a grid control.  I can see how I can generate a number of outputs from the stored procedure - the table, record count, etc.  My challenge is figuring out how to use my business logic layer to get the number of records returned as well as the data set itself. My stored procedure looks like this:PROCEDURE [dbo].[GetMediaByParams](    @cityID char(6),    etc...)ASDECLARE @sql nvarchar(4000),...

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I'm implementing a Data Access Layer for an N-Tiered application architecture.  I have several classes that represent tables in a database.  In the case where the database has a foreign key, its class is implemented to have a member of that data type (as opposed to just an integer for the ID).  Each class has a DataManager class to implement how to fill it with data.  For instance: public ClassA { //some members //some methods } public ClassB { ClassA classA; //some other members //some methods } public ClassAManager { pub...

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